Updating nexus immigratio status information

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Other Green Card changes and updates are also possible include: can help you submit your application without the assistance of a costly immigration lawyer. CBP's Updated Enforcement and Removal Policies On November 20, 2014, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced new immigration enforcement priorities and guidance on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in a memorandum entitled . Consistent with the Secretary’s direction, CBP will continue to prioritize threats to national security, public safety, and border security.This added security layer provides an additional opportunity to detect and stop threats as early in the process as possible.In addition to enhancing security, Preclearance has the potential to increase capacity and create growth opportunities for airports and air carriers in the United States and abroad, while improving the passenger experience.If you submit a paper Form I-90 application, you will receive a USCIS Account Acceptance Notice in the mail with instructions on how to create a USCIS online account.

DHS prioritization for expansion includes technical site visits to interested airports, during which each airport is carefully evaluated based on the current and future capacity to host CBP Preclearance operations and aviation security screening meeting TSA standards, as well as an analysis of the potential facilitation and homeland security benefits.

Preclearance generates the potential for significant economic benefits for the United States and our international partners by facilitating travel through all gateways, creating an overall increase in clearance capacity, and maximizing aircraft and gate utilization.

For travelers, Preclearance leads to faster connections and the ability to exit the airport immediately upon landing the United States.

The application guide contains detailed filing instructions and all the required application forms.

Download the Green Card Update Application Guide and submit your application today.

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