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In this short, 30-minute webcast, he will explore the doctrine of Confession. Bergsma will discuss the Eucharist, Priesthood, and Faith Alone in other webcasts. We can't even escape in our own neighborhoods, as dark Halloween decorations are more commonplace than ever.

How are Catholics to respond and how can we be a light in the darkness--while still helping our family enjoy some good seasonal fun?

Having an understanding of their early stages of development impacts us, especially when we read Old Testament stories of conquest and other actions that scandalize us today.

Real glimpses into the hearts and lives of other people are rare.

Join us as Melinda discusses her book, Sexual Authenticity: An Intimate Reflection on Homosexuality.

Join us as author Catherine Odell discusses the newly revised and updated biography, Father Solanus Casey.

The Papacy, Mary, the Mass..where are these topics in the Bible?

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