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They had flirty chats and swapped numbers after a night out in a bar.

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And the emoji face with cross eyes is sometimes typed by children when they’ve seen something X-rated online, but five per cent of parents take this to mean that their child is tired, couldn’t see their friend’s point of view, or had been snubbed by a girl or boy.

The 51-year-old presenter hit the headlines earlier this week after it was revealed he is dating Vicky Burton, 35 - the nanny who looked after his three youngest children during the breakdown of his second marriage.

But this romantic scandal is just one of a number of shocking incidences in Jezza’s colourful past.

The pair announced they were separating in September 2015 after 13 years of marriage.

Jeremy said: “We have sadly grown apart over recent years and have been living apart since earlier this summer.” Three months before the split he let slip that he and Carla rarely slept together any more.

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