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Nonverbal communication also includes eye contact, use of touch, body language, and style of greeting.Other variables to consider include the role of gender, age, acculturation, status, or position on what is considered to be appropriate eye contact.From the perspective of families, they have indicated that when involved in making decisions at end of life, they feel a sense of comfort and support when they might otherwise feel helpless. The importance of effective communication in intensive care settings is well established.A number of studi es have identified what families report to be helpful when making end of life decisions for their loved ones. However, anecdotal and research evidence suggests that many patients recover from episodes of critical illness that necessitated admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) with a less than favorable view of the nurses' ability to communicate effectively.Finally, there is evidence that family members of patients who survive are actually less satisfied with communication from ICU clinicians than family of patients who die.If we are to be truly effective in improving clinician-family communication, we must attempt to improve this communication for the family of all critically ill patients (Curtis & white, 2008).The environment is often noisy, technical and fear inducing to many patients (Usher& Monkley, 2001).The intensive car unit (ICU) is a place where technology is used to save or enhance the lives of patients and is staffed with clinicians who are skilled at managing physiology and responding to the rapidly changing status of their patients.

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These clinicians are focused on helping patients get their life back to how it was before the injury or illness landed them in the ICU.

More advanced monitoring devices allow for the measurement of cardiac index, stroke volume, ejection fraction, end-tidal carbon dioxide (CO2), and tissue oxygen consumption (Lewis et al., 2007).

Intensive care settings are designed to assist and care for patients with complex, multiple or life threatening heath problems.

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Critical Care Unit (CCU) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed to meet the special needs of acutely and critically ill patients in a hospital setting.

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