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To treat others in any form of a disposable manner isn’t the best way to find love.

Most people think they may never see the person that holds a short amount of interest, for a short amount of time, again.

Fledging Vulture chicks fledge, or take their first flight, at around 140 days after hatching.

They are the same size as their parents but not quite as heavy and they have their full feathers just their colouring is different showing their youth.

You might have some friends dishing out advice that sounds a little like this; “go out with those you’re attracted to” because “you just never know” or go out with someone who’s a “maybe” because if you dismiss someone too quickly you might “miss out” on a match.

These are the singles who believe chemistry is a pathway to love and they seek connection before compatibility. Does this mean you might have to treat dating as a job interview at times? For the unconscious dater this type of dating may be out of the question.

Vulture chicks are often seen practicing flapping their wings while they are on their nest ledges, sometimes flapping so hard that they lift off the ledge a little bit.

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If your end goal is love, then consciously getting there is the only healthy way to go.Sure you can go out on 100 dates with the hope that one person might be a match or maybe you can pre-qualify (with a simple phone call) shared values before meeting in person. If you are tired of the “hit and miss” method, read on.My heart is set on changing how we approach dating all together.The reason why I’m so vocal about dating, mating and relating is because my hope is to raise consciousness and point out the old stories & beliefs about men and women so we can learn and grow from our own judgements.In fact, I would dare say we need to start creating new positive beliefs about how the opposite sexes view one another as this creates a better world in general.

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