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At the same time, economists also recognize not only that rentseeking is a ubiquitous force, but that most rent-seekers create and internalize public-interested justifications for their activities.It is not overreaching for economists to criticize domestic auto makers’ arguments for protectionism.Economists recognize the benefits of specialization. Only with hestitation, then, can economists focus their attention on an unfamiliar discipline and conclude that experienced professionals have been making elementary mistakes.However inconsistent psychiatry’s main theses seem to be with basic consumer theory, one might think it foolhardy to conclude that they are wrong.Yes, drugs can make you less schizophrenic, but they can also make you less extraverted. When she gets home, she mostly just lies in bed and sleeps.She goes to a psychiatrist who diagnoses her with ADHD and depression.In the past being transgender was considered a psychiatric disease, but now many people are moving toward considering it an uncommon but legitimate preference.

It doesn’t look like he’s “diagnosing” which side of the consumer theory dichotomy they’re on by their symptoms, but rather by his assumptions about the causes. Bob’s issues are probably caused by what we call “sickness behavior”, a chemical defense in which the immune system notices an infection and releases cytokines telling your brain to avoid action and conserve energy in order to help with recovery.

From a rent-seeking perspective, skepticism about psychiatry is common sense.

Rent-seeking is only a side activity for the auto industry, but it lies at the core of psychiatry.

Visual hallucinations are the same way – we all have an imagination, but some of us react to our imaginations differently than others.

Therefore, all psychiatric diseases can be conceptualized in the form of preferences.

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