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Curator, Pynchon nut, critic and president of the Dublin Film Critics Circle, Tara Brady has been lurking around Dublin’s cinemas for so long she has her own seat in most of them.

In the ongoing race to the bottom of useless academic qualifications, she likes to believe her own Masters dissertation on Hong Kong’s pre-unification wuxia pian film constitutes the world’s most useless degree.

The filmmaker describes it as “Romeo and Juliet but set in an Aboriginal community.” Film: Lion's Den 2010-03-29 Martina Gusman does sterling work as this bundle of damaged and contradictory impulses while her director Pablo Trapero reinvents the women in jail flick as a classy modern thriller.

Interview: He Believes in Beauty 2010-03-22 Neil Jordan's Latest Movie Ondine is a Superb Addition to the Oeuvre of Ireland's Finest Film-Maker, Who Professes His Love For Ireland's Innate 'Craggy Madness'. 2010-03-09 A fitter, happier Colin Farrell has left his wild years behind, come through rehab and recovery — and he’s still smiling after it all.

Interview: Take Noe For An Answer 2010-11-01 Sex, drugs, extreme violence - no, it’s not the latest from the Fianna Fail think-in, it’s the new film from controversial French director Gaspar Noe.

He talks to Tara Brady about being the most divisive filmmaker of his generation Film: From Here To Eternity 2010-10-18 Adapted from a characteristically robust novel by James Jones (author of The Thin Red Line), From Here to Eternity doesn’t skimp on subplots or machismo. How on earth do you get the year’s most thrilling picture from Ryan Reynolds in a box?

It seems a proasic way to burst onto the movie scene.

But for KEN WARDROP His & Hers is the culmination of a lifetime’s work.

He explains why playing himself on screen is more challenging than you might imagine, talks about finding true lurve with Katy Perry and discovering the joys of living clean...Interview: Glam Overboard 2010-08-18 When glam popsters Slade released a movie in 1974, they were widely assumed to have made a Hard Days Night-style lark.In fact Slade In Flame was an acid-bath satire of the music industry. Interview: Girl Talk 2010-06-30 A documentary about the life experiences of ordinary Irish women?words Tara Brady Interview: Creed Is Good 2010-04-28 Rising starlet Gemma Arterton has added another gem to her increasingly glittering CV with the controversial new thriller The Disappearance Of Alice Creed.She talks to Tara Brady about nudity, violence and her sex symbol status.

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