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Here's an example of an attractive guy getting over 100 matches in 24 hours while breaking secondary rules.

For example, this guy is wearing sunglasses in both pics, his headshot is pretty weak, and his bio is empty (doesn't even include his height).

Match allows you to state the ethnicity of the person you’re interested in. Sometimes those same guys are the ones who message me.

I find that weird because I don’t want to be anyone’s “experiment.” Also, when I do overlook their racial preference and message others who likewise didn’t mark down black/African, I get crickets lol. I know you’re busy and probably get bombarded with numerous emails but I’m curious and eager to hear your thoughts on this! Both men and women don’t really know what they want until they see it. “People are much fussier online that they’re not in real life.

Online dating companies that allow you to tick the boxes of your racial preferences often leave black women with the short end of the stick.

If you're genuinely attractive, but don't have good pics, go onto Craigslist, and post a gig for a photographer in your city.Again, you still have to be reasonably attractive (stop lying to yourself), but literally every guy I've heard doing the Craigslist photographer has sworn by it.A decent number of guys have a pic of them snuggling up to a tiger. Both men and women frequently have a pic of them in the Skydeck in Chicago.There are a handful of zoos around the world that have a sedated tiger and you can take a pic cuddling with the tiger on the ground. As long as you look attractive in the pic, you're fine.As I said in my previous article, height is one of the most important elements in attractiveness.

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