Army singles dating

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In 2004, "Seven Nation Army" was ranked at number three on the Pazz & Jop critics' poll, by the American music magazine The Village Voice.

It was number six on Rolling Stone's 2009 list of the 50 Best Songs of the Decade.

The speed at which the triangles move forward through the tunnel speeds up and slows down in unison with the dynamics of the song.During the video, when the song begins to intensify, the lights in surrounding the triangles flash and other effects build up as well. "Seven Nation Army" received widespread critical acclaim.Remarking on the White's reputation as a "garage rock" band, Billboard remarked of the song that even "adventurous rock programmers might want to join the 'Army.'" The song featured on many "end-of-year" and "best-of" lists.Oldham fans also use the chorus, singing "we're following Oldham" to it.The song is also sung by Sheffield United, who sing "we're the red and white army"; their main rivals, Sheffield Wednesday, subsequently changed the lyrics into their own chant, "dirty red and white bastards", sung to taunt their rivals or, increasingly, any other team that plays in red.

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